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STIHL MSA 300 Battery Chainsaw Skin ee day and sons ballarat victoria
STIHL MSA 300 Battery Chainsaw Skin ee day and sons ballarat victoria
STIHL MSA 300 Chainsaw Features, ee day and sons, ballarat, australia
STIHL MSA 300 Chainsaw control screen ballarat ee day and sons

STIHL MSA 300 Battery Chainsaw 18 Inch Bar Skin Only


This STIHL MSA 300 C-O cordless chainsaw that was specially designed for professional work by STIHL.

It is powered by the STIHL AP 500S battery, which is the first battery in the AP system to use laminated battery cells capable of delivering an impressible high power output of 3 kW.

The MSA 300 C-O has a cutting-edge brushless motor that converts the full electrical output into chain speed. It is comparable in performance to the popular MS 261 C-M, one of the all-rounder petrol chainsaws.

Fitted with an 18'' Bar and .325x050 Chain for maximum cutting speed.

The MSA 300 C-O has three operating programs (Eco, felling and delimbing) that allow the user to adjust the maximum chainsaw speed to suit the task at hand. It also has an oil sensor that monitors the oil pressure continuously and notifies the user if it is too low or too high. 

Full anti-vibration system that makes it extremely comfortable to use as it has the lowest vibration figures across all the battery and petrol powered rear handle chainsaws. 

The chainsaw is quiet, so there’s no need to wear earmuffs and it also has low vibrations so it’s comfortable to use for longer periods.

Skin Only - Battery and Charger sold separately.

Replacement Chain is 3690 000 0074 for $50.

Replacement Bar is 3003 008 3317 for $100.

Run Times:

AP500s - up to 40 Mins.


Rated Voltage36v Battery (Not Included)
Bar Length18''
Chain.325x050x74 for maximum cutting power
Weight5.4kg with the battery
WarrantyTwo Year Warranty
Fleece air filterThe fleece air filter guarantees constant performance - even under the highest loads. Its extremely fine-pored filter material keeps even very fine dust and dirt away from the power electronics and th
Operating modesADAPTED TO YOUR WORK. This chainsaw offers you 3 different operating modes. In “Eco” mode, the chainsaw operates with reduced power for maximum battery runtime. “Felling” mode
Control lever with eco functionFOR COMFORTABLE HANDLING. Thanks to the soft component on the control handle, your tool lies comfortably in the hand and can be safely operated. In addition, the grip is improved by the soft grip, esp
Performance electronics with derating functionEFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE MONITORING. The derating function offers you two advantages in your work: first, this function protects your chainsaw against possible overheating by reducing the current. Additi
Operation and notification cockpitThe MSA 220.0 T and MSA 300 feature an electronic operation and notification cockpit with an LED display. It offers the user three selectable operating modes and enables the machine to be operated eas
Oil sensor (O)The LED display of the oil sensor provides reliable information about the level of the chain oil. If the LED is off, there is oil in the system. Red stands for a lack of chain oil.
Connectivity ReadyCOMPATIBLE WITH THE SMART CONNECTOR 2A. You can mount a Smart Connector 2 A in the housing of the power tool at the dedicated position. Once installed, this connects to the control unit and transmits

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