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STIHL BT 45 Wood Drill
STIHL BT 45 Wood Drill
STIHL BT 131 One Man Auger
STIHL BT 131 One Man Auger (Out of Stock)

Robust Construction: Built with durable materials and a sturdy design, STIHL earth augers withstand the rigors of demanding drilling tasks.

High Torque: Equipped with high-torque engines, STIHL earth augers deliver impressive drilling power to tackle tough ground conditions effectively.

Versatile Attachments: With a variety of auger bit sizes and attachments available, STIHL earth augers can accommodate different hole diameters and depths to suit various applications.

User-Friendly Design: Featuring ergonomic handles, easy-start systems, and anti-vibration technology, STIHL earth augers ensure comfort and convenience during operation.

Precision Cutting: Equipped with sharp drill bits and efficient motors, STIHL wood drills deliver clean and precise holes in wood, ensuring professional-quality results.

Portability: Compact and lightweight, STIHL wood drills are easy to transport and maneuver, making them suitable for on-site and off-site drilling tasks.

Versatile Applications: Whether you're drilling pilot holes for screws, installing dowels, or creating holes for cables and pipes, STIHL wood drills offer versatility for a wide range of woodworking projects.

Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials, STIHL wood drills are built to last, providing reliable performance and longevity even in demanding work environments.

2 Year warranty as standard and 1st free service on petrol models.

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