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STIHL RB 600 Petrol Pressure Washer ee day and sons ballarat christmas humm zip
STIHL RB 600 Petrol Pressure Washer ee day and sons ballarat christmas humm zip
STIHL RB 600 Pressure Cleaner ee day and sons ballarat
STIHL RB 600 Pressure Cleaner Side ee day and sons ballarat christmas humm zip

STIHL RB 600 - 3,200 PSI Petrol Pressure Cleaner w/FREE 3 in 1 Nozzle


FREE 3 in 1 Nozzle Attachment when you purchase this machine until 29th Feb 2024.

This STIHL RB 600 is a powerful 5.2 kW petrol high-pressure cleaner that can be used for long-lasting and heavy-duty cleaning tasks around the house, farm, or workshop.

It's powerful 196cc Kohler Engine that delivers 2,700 psi of water pressure, which is enough to remove stubborn dirt, grease, and grime from various surfaces and equipment.

It has a durable brass manifold pump design, stainless steel valves and ceramic-coated pistons, which ensure a long service life and reliable performance. It also has a cast-iron engine liner and a built-in shutdown feature when the oil level is low, which protect the engine from damage.

Featuring an easy start pump system, which makes it easy to start the engine without releasing the pressure from the pump, hose, and gun.

It also comes with a convenient detergent injector system, which allows you to add detergents to the water for more effective cleaning. The RB 600 has a long no-kink flex hose, which lets you clean a large area without having to move the machine.

A foldable handlebar, which makes it easy to store or transport.

The RB 600 can be used with a wide range of optional accessories, such as a rotary surface cleaner, a water broom, a multi-function nozzle, a long range nozzle, a hose extension, a gutter cleaner, a wand extension, a pivot coupler, and official STIHL cleaning agents.

These accessories can help you clean different surfaces and areas more efficiently and conveniently.

Finance available with Humm90. and Zip.

Two Year Warranty & 1st FREE Service.

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EngineKohler 208cc 4 Stroke Motor
Hose12m no kink hose.
Nozzles3 Nozzles
Weight (kg)53.5
Warranty2 Year Warranty
Quick couplingQuick coupling at the high pressure pistol, high pressure hose and the high pressure outlet of the pump.
Foldable handlebarFor compact storage or transport.
Comfortable holders for nozzles and hoseComfortable holders to store the high pressure nozzles and high pressure hose.
Easy to StartEngine can be started without releasing the pressure from the pump, hose and gun.
Comfortable holder for the high pressure gunComfortable holder and parking position for the high pressure gun.
Second handle Comfortable and ergonomic second handle at the high pressure pistol.
Detergent from external reservoirDetergent intake to suck detergent from any external reservoir
Cage frameCage frame for perfect protection of the motor-pump-unit.

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