STIHL FS 91 Straight Shaft Bullbar Brushcutter ee day and sons commercial australia

STIHL FS 91 Straight Shaft 28.4cc Bullbar Brushcutter


The STIHL FS 91 BullBar Brushcutter – the ultimate solution for conquering tough brush and vegetation with unparalleled strength and precision. Engineered to handle the most demanding tasks, this rugged machine features a robust 28.4cc engine that delivers exceptional cutting power.

Equipped with a heavy-duty BullBar handle, the FS 91 offers superior control and maneuverability, allowing you to tackle challenging terrain with ease. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable operation, reducing fatigue even during extended use.

Designed for maximum efficiency, this brushcutter boasts STIHL's innovative Easy2Start™ system, enabling effortless starting with minimal effort. With a simplified starting procedure and semi-automatic choke lever, you can get to work quickly without hassle.

Whether you're clearing thick brush, tackling overgrown areas, or trimming along fences, the STIHL FS 91 BullBar Brushcutter delivers unmatched performance and reliability. Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, it's the top choice for landscapers, farmers, and property owners seeking superior cutting power and durability. Experience the strength and precision of the STIHL FS 91 – your ultimate tool for mastering outdoor challenges with ease.

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StrokeTwo Stroke Engine
Displacement28.4 cc
Engine power0.95 kW
Overall length1.8 m
Standard cutting attachmentAutoCut C 26-2
Fuel Tank capacity710 ml
Weight5.8 kg
WarrantyTwo Year Warranty
Tool free bike handle adjustment
4-Mix engine
Anti-Vibration System
Long Life Air Filter

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