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STIHL FSE 52 Electric 240v Line Trimmer


Say goodbye to the hassle of petrol-powered tools with the STIHL FSE 52 Electric Line Trimmer. Perfect for homeowners seeking reliable performance without the noise and emissions, this trimmer offers a convenient solution for maintaining small to medium-sized yards.

Powered by a robust electric motor, the FSE 52 delivers consistent cutting power without the need for gasoline, making it an eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious users. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to maneuver, while the ergonomic handle ensures comfortable operation during extended use.

Featuring a convenient tap-to-feed AutoCut® head, the FSE 52 makes it effortless to replenish line as needed, keeping you productive throughout your trimming tasks. With simple push-button starting, there's no need to deal with pull cords or fuel mixing—just plug in and go.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of electric trimming with the STIHL FSE 52 Electric Line Trimmer, the perfect companion for maintaining a tidy lawn with minimal effort.

2 Weeks to order
Rated Voltage240 Volts
Power Consumption500 Watts
HeadBump Feed Head
Weight (kg)2.2
Cable strain relief The cable strain relief prevents the power cable from becoming accidentally disconnected.

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