FSKM Brushcutter

FS-KM Brushcutter with Nylon Line Attachment


Enhance the versatility of your lawn care arsenal with the STIHL FS-KM Attachment.

Designed for compatibility with STIHL KombiSystem, this cutting-edge attachment brings precision and efficiency to your trimming and edging tasks.

Transform your KombiSystem powerhead into a versatile grass and weed management tool, allowing you to navigate with ease in tight spaces.

With the STIHL FS-KM Attachment, enjoy the benefits of German-engineered quality, durable construction, and the unmatched performance that comes with the STIHL name.

Elevate your lawn care experience and achieve professional results with this reliable and adaptable attachment.

ToolBrushcutter with Bump Feed Head
Weight (kg)1.2
Overall Length94 cm
Interchangable with all Kombi Engines

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