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STIHL GS 461 Concrete Cutting Chainsaw


Introducing the STIHL GS 461 Concrete Saw – the pinnacle of precision and power for professional concrete cutting applications. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this saw offers unparalleled performance to tackle even the toughest concrete and masonry jobs with ease.

Equipped with a powerful 76.5cc engine, the GS 461 delivers exceptional cutting power, allowing for fast and precise cuts in a variety of materials, including reinforced concrete, brick, and stone. Its innovative design features a water connection system for dust suppression, ensuring clean and efficient cutting while reducing airborne particles.

Designed for maximum operator comfort and safety, the GS 461 features an ergonomic handle and vibration-dampening system, minimizing fatigue during extended use. The integrated decompression valve and ElastoStart™ system ensure effortless starting, so you can get to work quickly without delay.

Whether you're cutting trenches, openings for doors and windows, or performing demolition work, the STIHL GS 461 Concrete Saw is the ultimate tool for professional contractors and tradespeople. Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, it's the preferred choice for those seeking superior cutting performance and reliability. Experience the precision and power of the STIHL GS 461 – your trusted partner for conquering concrete cutting challenges with confidence.

2 Weeks to order
StrokeTwo Stroke Engine
Displacement76.5 cc
Power Output4.3 kW
Bar Length16"/40cm Diamond Abrasive Chain
Weight (kg)7.6
WarrantyTwo Year Waranty & 1st Free Service
36 GBM Diamond Abrasive ChainDiamond abrasive chain with pre-sharpened diamond segments which do not have to be sharpened before cutting.
Rollomatic G Guide barEasy-to-mount guide bar and chain with robust clamp for maximum durability. Guide bar is designed to provide optimum water flow to chain, in order to enhance performance and prolong chain's life.
Water hose valveWater hose valve is located directly on the saw for easy water connection. Valve is slightly raised to protect the machine from dirt and dust on the construction site.
Chain sprocket with water managementWell designed water circuit for efficient use of the water for rinsing purpose with strategically placed water outlets to route water to the guide bar which provides optimum water flow to chain, in or
Rubber protection for engine housing Protect the engine from damage when used close to abraisive material such as concrete.

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