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BGA 57 Skin

STIHL BGA 57 Battery Blower Skin


This STIHL BGA 57 Skin battery blower delivers powerful performance and comfortable operation. Powered by the AK batteries, thats 36 volts of blower power.

  • Weighs only or 2.3 kg (without the battery), which makes it lightweight and portable. It also has a slim design and even weight distribution that allow the blower to be held close to the user’s body, reducing fatigue and increasing maneuverability.
  • A symmetrical trigger lockout that allows users to easily start the unit with either the left or right hand. It also has a rubberized handle for comfortable grip.
  • Adjustable blower tube with easy three length adjustments to suit different user heights. The user can simply twist and push to shorten, or pull to lengthen the tube.
  • Up to 22 minutes with the AK 20 battery or up to 27 minutes with the AK 30 battery.
  • Low noise level of 79 dB, which makes it suitable for noise-sensitive situations therefor no ear muffs required.
  • Easily hang the blower on the wall with the built in mount.

Recommended battery is the AK 30 for maximum runtime.

Two Year Warranty

Voltage36 Volts
Weight2.3 kg
Air Speed194 km/h
Warranty2 Year Warranty
Run Time With AK10Up to 10 mins
Run Time With AK20Up to 20 mins
Run Time With AK30Up to 30 mins

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