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COX CP19 Alloy Mower

COX CP19 Alloy Mower


Introducing the Cox CP19 Alloy Base Mower – Elevating Lawn Care to a New Standard of Excellence!

Unleash the power of precision with the Cox CP19 Alloy Base Mower, a cutting-edge solution engineered for superior lawn maintenance. Crafted with a high-strength alloy base, this mower redefines durability, providing a lightweight yet robust foundation for exceptional performance. Ideal for residential and commercial use, the CP19 boasts a potent 4-stroke engine that delivers reliable power for efficient grass cutting.

The CP19's 19-inch cutting deck is a testament to its prowess, covering more ground in each pass and reducing the time required for lawn maintenance. The alloy base not only ensures longevity but also contributes to the mower's agility, allowing for seamless maneuverability around obstacles and contours in your lawn.

Customize your lawn's appearance effortlessly with the adjustable cutting height settings, empowering you to achieve the perfect trim for your green spaces. The ergonomic design of the handlebar enhances user comfort, making every mowing session a breeze. Tackling any lawn size, big or small, is a seamless experience with the Cox CP19 Alloy Base Mower.

Maintenance becomes a pleasure, thanks to the thoughtful design features incorporated into the CP19. The alloy base facilitates easy cleaning, while routine upkeep ensures your mower remains in peak condition season after season. Embrace the efficiency and reliability that the Cox CP19 brings to your lawn care routine, and revel in the joy of a perfectly manicured lawn.

Invest in the Cox CP19 Alloy Base Mower – where cutting-edge engineering meets durability and precision. Elevate your lawn care experience with a mower designed to exceed expectations. Your lawn deserves the best, and the Cox CP19 is here to deliver unparalleled performance, one trim at a time.

EngineKohler XTX 775 4 Stroke Engine
Width Cut19'' Alloy Base with 4 swing back blades
Cutting Heights8 Selectors - 20mm-90mm
Catcher45L Plastic Catcher
Mulch PlugIncluded
HandlesUpturned Ergonomic
Wheels8" (230mm front and rear wheels
Warranty2 Year Warranty & 1st free service.
Ball bearing wheels front and rear.
Swing back blades for rough cutting

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