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5 HP Chipper/Shredder
5 HP Chipper/Shredder
Hansa C3e
Hansa C3e (Out of Stock)
Hansa C4 Chipper
Hansa C4 Chipper (Out of Stock)
 Hansa C5
Hansa C5 (Out of Stock)
Hansa C7CLX
Hansa C7CLX (Out of Stock)
Hansa C13
Hansa C13 (Out of Stock)
Hansa C13RTS Trailer
Hansa C13RTS Trailer (Out of Stock)

Mulch, most importantly used for water conservation, prevent those awefull weeds from forming and keeps soil at a constant temperature. Hansa is also Australia, based in Brisbane, with over 17 years experience in a wider range of Chippers, from the new electric chipper to the Commercial Government grade Chippers. Hansa will have a chipper that will suit all your clean up needs. Feel free to bring in some branches if you still arent to sure on what to buy and our staff will show you there fantastic chipping capability. Masport dont only sell Lawn Mowers and BBQ's, they also have Chipper/Shredders available which produce more of a mulch than chips. This is due to the 9 flail blades continuely thrashing the material untill it is small enough to fall between the grate on the bottom of the machine (larger grates are also available as an option). All Powered by either a Briggs & Stratton or Honda Engine. All of our machines come with a first free service with-in 3 months of purchase.