Ride-on Mowers

At EE Day & Sons, we have all your mowing needs covered, from the yard thats a little to big for pushing a lawn mower around to Contractors, Schools or Governments to full blown 104'' Wide Area cutting decks.

COX ride on mowers are built in Brisbane Australia using BlueScope Steel, so you know you are choosing quality, reliability and Australian made. COX has a ride on for everyones needs, from 32'' width cuts to 48'' width cuts for mowing contractors. All COX mowers have fabricated decks with swing back blades, they also offer two types of transimissions, Hydrostatic (one rear wheel driving) or Friction Drive (both rear wheels are driving). Hydrostatic is good if you are mowing around garden beds and trees. Friction drive is good for properties that have soft and hilly ground, so if you break traction on one wheel, the other wheel will still be driving.

Cub Cadet & Rover are Amercian and more aimed at residential Properties as they have mainly pressed metal decks (not as tough as fabricated) and Solid Bar Blades, although most decks from 38'' - 48'' can be fitted with a Swing Back Blade Kit, the bar blades are excellent for mulching which puts nutrients back into your lawn to make is lusher. Transmisison iinclude, manual (shift on the go) and Hydrostatic (Automatic). All Rover Ride-ons now come with a 5 Year Warranty.

Hustler, also Amercian, were the first company to ever produce the Zero Turn mower (ZTR). ZTR's have a much quicker ground speed than a conventional tractor style ride-on due to each rear wheel having its own Hydrostatic or Hydraulic Drive Motor.....whats that mean??? If you have lots of trees, garden beds etc, you'll be able to swiftly mow around them in one go. Think of the old hills hoist clothes line, a ZTR can mow around it in one turn where as a tractor style, you will need to pretty much do a 3 or 5 point U-Turn. All machines have Petrol Kawasaki Engines and Shibaura Diesel Engine in the Commercial Mowers, Twin Lap Levers control all your moves, forward, reverse, left and right, Foot Operated Deck Lift. Your ZTR will halve your mowing time compared to a tractor style machine.

Walker, once you use one, you'll wonder why you didnt discover them earlier. Family operated Company in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Walker mower is the most compact yet versatile ZTR on the market, you can collect all those annoying Autumn leaves, wet or dry due to the integated blower in the chassis forcing material up into the catcher with oscillating chute to evenly fill the catcher entirely before beeping to alert you to empty it. Walker has a machine for all properties with or without a collection system.

Remember to take caution when mowing on slopes, up and down is always safer than going across. Be sure to check the sticker on your machine to check the angle in which your machine can mow on.

All units come with a FIRST FREE SERVICE at 10 hrs.